Ruta de los piratas cabo de gata Ruta de los piratas por cabo de gata

This itinerary is always available if the wind is not too strong.

We start in La Isleta fishermen’s quarter where ancient fishing techniques are still in use. Sailing to San José, we first see San Felipe’s castle, built on ancient reef beaches that have created a soft calcareous rock, which has been transformed by the wind into whimsical and magical figures. Then we pass Embarcadero’s beach and Rocket’s Point where the first Spanish rocket was launched in the 1960’s; this was due to the small population of the area and the low risk of accidents. We go through the Escullos’ cliffs, a name that comes from the reefs (in Spanish escollos) that complicated sailing for those who didn’t know the seabed.

Ruta de los piratas almería

In the itinerary, we find several hidden coves, such as Tomate’s cove, a shelter from the winds where we’ll have the opportunity to jump into the water to peek at the wonderful sea bed.


Behind the mountain, we find the Bentonite quarries, a volcanic ash of interesting texture that has several industrial uses; this kind of clay is still extracted. We finish the ride in Higuera’s cove and San José, an old fishermen village that has now become one of the main touristic places within the Park..