We have elaborated a list of Frequent Asked Questions but if you don’t find your question here please contact us.

We offer boat rides in different parts of the Cabo de Gata Nature Park in a semi-rigid vessel with capacity for 11 plus the captain. We now have two vessels available

Boat ride is 1h 30’ long and the prices are: €25 Adults and €20 Children (12 years max.)
If you are interested in a different activity please let us know and we will elaborate a budget.

You can book calling to 637449170 or sending an email to infoelcaboafondo@gmail.com

The captain has great knowledge of the area and we’ll make some stops during the ride to comment the landscape characteristics. We try to make everybody participate but it’s also the own environment what makes you want to know more about the place. Usually it is its volcanic past what interest people the most because it can really be noticeable in the cliffs. We can also talk about the flora, fauna, watchtowers and fortress, the sea and bird and cetacean migration… In any case, we will try it to be as casual as possible.

Yes, we make a stop of approximately 15 to 20 minutes. You can also do snorkelling and discover the seabed of the crystal waters.

It is a semi-rigid one that is: a fibre hull (rigid) surrounded by pneumatic float (like a zodiak); this is a very stable and secure vessel with a capacity for 11 people. It’s perfect for the kind of activity we perform because it makes you feel more in connection with the mean. We have two vessels available.

Normally you will not get wet but you have to be careful with your electronic devices because when the wind strong you can get a bit splashed. But here’s the thing if you decide to swim, we’ll guarantee you will get wet.

Do to the fact that boats move in a unsteady surface, the balancing feeling is normal but of course it depends on meteorologic conditions. If it’s your first time on a boat please let us know and we will try to advise you: for instance, if you are a little bit apprehensive about the sea, choose a day with a especially calm sea and in case of a complicated sailing day in which you are not going to enjoy, we will not depart.
If you have any disability contact us and we will advise you.

11 passengers and 1 crew member

We have four different routes, see link.

Unfortunately, transport doesn’t work very well in the Nature Park so it is better to use your personal transport. When you confirm your reservation, we will send you a whatsapp or an email with the meeting point location.

Every itinerary is both different and extraordinary and of exceptional beauty. We love them all very much we can’t choose!

That is a hard question. We choose according to the best sailing conditions and the places where the sea is calmer. If you are interested in an specific itinerary, we can let you know when we were going to be doing it. But this kind of prediction can change at any time.

Swimsuit, flip-flops and sunscream…bringing more than that it is not worth it because it would only bothers you during the trip. In low season (between October and June) we advise you to even bring a jacket for when it’s a bit chilly. In the boat we have diving googles.

Yes, but it is better if you ask us first so we can tell you whether it would get splashed or not. Every person is responsible for their personal belongings.

We recommend children to be at least 3 years old but when the meteorological conditions are good, even younger children could join the activity. If pregnant, consult with your doctor and just remember that in the bow of the boat when there is a bit of swell, you usually get that balancing feeling. Age is not a problem as long as you are able to get into the boat. In case of disability. It depends on the degree and type of disability. If you suffer from a back injury we recommend you to sit at the back of the boat and if it’s too serious we advise you to not do the activity. You must take into account that the boarding and disembarking take place in the shore so our feet will get wet.

You can book the activity calling us (637449170) but also by emailing us. You have to look out for our calls and messages in order to communicate possible changes. We cannot guarantee booking by our Facebook page.


Yes, call us and we’ll elaborate a personal budget.

No. In the Cabo de Gata Nature Park there are many idyllic beaches that can be visited only by small paths. We prefer to keep it this way in order to avoid massification. It is just a little effort but a huge beauty to enjoy.

We execute every measure of the Marine Authorities (lifejackets, fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, etc.)

We will cancel. If you have a reservation, we will try to reach you as soon as possible. If we cannot contact you by phone, we will send you a message. Forecast is sure almost two days ahead. It is also possible to be windy in some parts of the Park and not in others.

According to our experience of just one our ride in our boat, we can say that usually nobody gets dizzy.

Yes, but in low season we will need two persons minimum in order to departure, contact us to book the activity.

This answer is going to be a little bit longer; it is going to be a personal reflection. From the beginning, we know that the beauty of the Cabo de Gata Nature Park is sometimes surprisingly exceptional but this is just the top of the cake. Everyday is different because our partners, the sea and wind, are a little bit unstable and that is something that sometimes makes the trip a bit shakier which is not always bad (some people told us that is funnier that way!).We are also always different: not always equally inspired and connected to the people aboard (we once received a not so pleasant comment)

But sometimes, the connection with the group is special and when people ask about things or express their opinion, they are also contributing to the experience, creating a magical moment whilst surrounded by the desert nature and the whole beauty of the landscape…and even we see another dimension of it!
However that is something we cannot guarantee, it is part of the mystery that surrounds each journey.

Welcome to Cabo de Gata