Who are we

Cabo a Fondo S.L was created in 2008 with the aim of showing an amazing and inaccessible spot, which is the Cabo de Gata Nature Reserve.

Since the beginning, we were aware that being able to get people to hidden and almost unknown places was a two-edged sword, because we can be responsible for the degradation of one of the few remaining virgin places in the Mediterranean.

That’s why our work philosophy is to respect the environment by always questioning our way of working. Visiting these places can only be done with respect. We want visitors to understand at least a bit of what it means to preserve the delicate balance of this place.


Guide-Interpreter and Coordinator of the activity


Carlos was born in Cabo de Gata and always has loved nature. As a child, everyone said that
Cabo de Gata “had nothing of interest” and he always knew that wasn’t true. But at that time
environmental awareness was starting to develop and only a few knew how to interpret the
peculiarities of these desert lands.
After travelling around the world, he decided to come back to Cabo de Gata. little by little
rediscovering his land of origin with another perspective. He decided to dedicate his life to what
he likes the most. During this period Carlos has carried out different courses: guide-interpreting,
volcanic geology, ornithology, etc.


She will attend you on the phone and solve all your doubts


Tania was born in Peru, in a Pacific village called Marcona, like Cabo de Gata and also a nature
reserve. She’s been living in Cabo de Gata for 16 years and it is like her home on the other side
of the ocean. She is graphic designer and has always been involved in this project.



Duration and price of the ride:
1h 30’ ( boarding and disembarking included)
€35 Adults / €25 Children (12 years max.)

Departure’s times:
Mornings: 10:00 / 11:45 / 13:30
Evenings: 16:00 / 17:45 / 19:30




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