ARRECIFE DE LAS SIRENAS’ ITINERARY (La Fabriquilla – El barronal)

   We choose this itinerary when the wind comes from the East; it is an area without waves (protected by the mountains). However, if the wind is strong the full itinerary is not possible, but we can still get to El Arrecife de Las Sirenas or even Vela Blanca.

We depart from the  beach “La Fabriquilla”, a small village next to the mountains range. Its name comes from the “industry” (fábrica in Spanish) that extracted lead  in the nearby mines. Then we sail through “Los motores” (engines) that provide water to Las Salinas and through Corralete’s beach that has an amazing seabed where the fully reserve starts. When we turn past the lighthouse, built on an ancient castle, we find the Arrecife de Las Sirenas cliff. We continue to Punta Baja, the geographic cape, formed from columns that were used in the past for cobblestone. After, we can enjoy El Dedo’s cliff, Rajá’s cove and the exceptional beauty of Vela Blanca. We make a quick stop here to explain what happened to the rock; why is it so white? What is that tower doing there? There are many questions and as we discover the answers the landscape acquires a whole new dimension.


Passing Punta Negra we stumble on different beaches, among them Mónsul, seen in many films such as Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. We finish the itinerary in the desolated Barronal beaches where the desert land joins the mountain.


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