AMATISTAS’ ITINERARY (La Isleta del Moro – El Playazo)

AMATISTAS’ ITINERARY (La Isleta del Moro – El Playazo)1 AMATISTAS’ ITINERARY (La Isleta del Moro – El Playazo)2 From La Isleta we can also go to the East, direction to Las Negras. As soon as we get away from the village through the fishermen’s boats, we are able to admire the promontory barely connected to the land that names the village. The seagulls flying playfully with the airflow and the Frailes’ mountains as the perfect background.



AMATISTAS’ ITINERARY (La Isleta del Moro – El Playazo)3 On the way we pass through Los Toros’ cove where a little pine forest surprises in the driest weather of Europe. In the background we can see the Amatistas’ viewpoint under which we can see the amethyst (amatista in Spanish), the amazing rose quartz. We continue to El Carnaje, a beach with lava “bowls” surrounded by the sea. At the back, La Polacra or dark stone and above Los Lobos’ hill. From that point starts La Polacra fully reserve and we overlap with Las Negras and volcanoes’ itinerary until we arrive to El Playazo.


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